Les Amoureux des Bancs Publics

From the demonstrations of December 2010 an esthetic and political genre, street-art, took possession of Tunisian streets and public space, by transforming it into a place where artistic  and cultural creations take shape and spread a message that arrives directly to every citizen.

Groups of writers, dance , theatre and cinema companies have transformed places, medinas and markets of Tunis and Tunisia in a new stage usable by everyone, in order to sensitize the civil society to art, meant as civic duty.

By following the work of groups as Zwewla, Ghar-boys, Fédération Tunisienne de Ciné-Club, Brotha from Another Motha Company, Danseurs-Citoyens, Art Solution and many others, the documentary analyzes a new way of active citizenship in post-revolutionary Tunisia and the impact that this one could have, in the current precarious context, on Tunisian civil society, and in particular on new generations, by diffusing an alternative culture to most radical movements of the country.

DIRECTORS: Gaia Vianello and Juan Martin Baigorria
MUSICS: Claudio Rocchetti